MACODA is a team that subscribe to the principle of customs brokerage which is service-oriented. Our way to success is service at heart, through efficiency and honesty.


MACODA CUSTOMS BROKERAGE, INC., (MACODA) was established in the year 1999, with the approval from Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Company Registration Number 19990215, dated February 11, 1999 and with subsequent approval from the Department of Trade and Industry covered by the Registration No. 587610, dated February 15, 1999.

However , the enactment of the Republic Act No. 9280, otherwise known as the “ Customs Brokers Act of 2004”, the Management filed an application for the revision of its Articles of Incorporation with the SEC specifically for the amendment of the company’s “Primary Purpose”, Articles 1 and 2 thereof. With the SEC approval, henceforth, MACODA CUSTOMS BROKERAGE INC.. is amended to MACODA LOGISTICS INC. under Company Registration No. A19990215 dated June 20, 2005