About Macoda Logistics

The company started out in February 1999 as MACODA CUSTOMS BROKERAGE, INC. Armed with vast knowledge and experience in the CUSTOMS BROKERAGE business, Ms. Dory, together with a handful of trusted staff, charged ahead determined to succeed and carved out a name in the industry she has been familiar with.

“MACODA DOESN’T ONLY TRY, IT ALWAYS DOES” is the slogan that aptly describes what the company has achieved over the years. ”DELIVER” is the unwritten law that everyone in the company observes, and earning TRUST and CONFIDENCE of all clients is the goal that each one pursues. PERSEVERANCE is a critical element in all these efforts, and of course, they put premium on HONESTY.

“I don’t believe in establishing connections, I believe in building relationships”. This is the mantra that has effectively aided Ms. Rhodora C. Balboa, President and CEO of MACODA Logistics, and her business throughout its years of existence. It is the principle that reveals the corporate values that hold the company and the people together EFFICIENCY, HONESTY, AND SERVICE.